• was created by a certified general appraiser for appraisers to place ads online. If you are a certified residential or commercial general appraiser and interested in placing an ad, see advertising guidelines – coming soon.
  • does not place any appraisal orders.
  • We are not a real estate appraisal management company.
  • A link is placed to your appraisal company’s web site.
  • Your real estate appraisal office must have their own web site.
  • You set the appraisal fees and terms for any appraisal order that a potential client places with your real estate appraisal firm.
  • We suggest you have an appraisal agreement signed by the responsible party ordering the appraisal.
  • It would be prudent to collect your appraisal fees up front when accepting any appraisal assignment ordered online.

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Here is what you get:

  • With our web site,, we offer a hyperlink directly to your own web site.
  • This would have the following information that you provided such as your company name, your name, telephone number, type of appraisal license, web page link and email.
  • Please forward the following information:
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Type of License: Certified Residential or General
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